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Marketplace Integration
Mfluid Consulting innovates with Amazon SP-API, simplifying e-commerce with seamless integration, inventory management, pricing insights, and reports.
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IT Project Management
Our team provides comprehensive support to customers throughout the project lifecycle, including project execution, project closure, and the operational phase.
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Cloud Services
Cloud-based services deliver information technology as a service through the Internet or dedicated network, offering on-demand delivery and payment based on usage.
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Internet Of Things
With the rapid transformation of industries, IoT is revolutionizing the way organizations operate. Explore new markets and develop innovative business models using IoT technology.
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Healthcare Solutions
Connected Care represents a holistic and patient-centric approach to healthcare services. The industry is experiencing a significant transformation by wearable devices.
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Artificial Intelligence
The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence is transforming multiple facets of our lives, ranging from the proliferation of virtual assistants to autonomous vehicles.
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Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise mobility solutions enable customers to seamlessly access essential systems, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity to mission-critical processes.
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Digital Commerce
Digital Commerce is playing a crucial role in helping enterprises navigate the rapidly evolving world of shopping to reach potential customers around the globe.
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Intelligent Transportation
An intelligent transportation system is a sophisticated solution designed to offer innovative services encompassing various modes of transportation & traffic management.
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On Demand Solutions
The on-demand software delivery model refers to a software deployment approach where the software is hosted and managed on a cloud computing infrastructure.
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Command Centers
A significant advantage of a command and control center is its ability to foster the convergence of various disciplines, sectors, or actors during crisis management scenarios.
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Startup Consulting
Startup consultants possess the necessary expertise and hands-on experience to provide guidance on strategic decisions and effectively implement your plans.
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Mfluid has been instrumental in helping us attain our financial objectives. Their comprehensive financial consolidation solutions have provided us with the stability we need to maintain a strong financial standing.

Inacio Rebelo
IT Director, Al Handal International Group