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ExpertsOnGo Online consulting platform allows users to search, select and receive expert advice from experts all around the globe with areas of expertise. Online platform removes the barriers of boundaries and time zones for the public to contact experts using web and mobile devices.

Post pandemic scenario made the users comfortable to utilize the remote services more than the pre pandemic situation. More number of public are using telemedicine services, remote working options now.

The most important challenge during Covid pandemic was  the non availability of experts, doctors, consultants for direct interaction since most of the offices, hospitals, clinics were closed. The professional practice of experts and consultants were drastically affected closed down of business centers, offices and non-emergency sections of hospitals and clinics. Each and every consultant faces multiple challenges to maintain their professional practices:

  • Identify and improve the facilities to support existing customers and winning new customers:
    Immediate lockdown and closure of public transport, offices, and support services forced the consultants to look for alternate methods and facilities to serve their existing customers and facilitate the new customers.
  • Identify the best technology to support the current and future requirements:
    During the pandemic many audio and video conferencing solutions were made available by multiple vendors. There were no standardization nor interoperability between these solutions.
  • Consolidation of payment transactions:
    Since the lockdown and closure of businesses happened with a very short notice availing facilities for financial transaction were a big challenge. Customers preferred multiple payment options and was a herculean task to consolidate all the transactions channeled through multiple payment gateways.

The solution provided a consolidated platform for online consultation, which includes search facility to identify the best consultants suits the customer requirements, facility to view the skills and experience of each consultant, online appointment booking facility and audio/video call facility using the same platform rather than using separate online conferencing tools. The review and feedback system provides more transparent rating for consultants.

  • Block chain based contract and document management solution:
    The block chain based solution manages all contracts between the consultants and customers including the documents/medical records shared during the contract period.
  • Consolidated appointment management system with integration of 3rd party booking systems:
    Consultants might by using existing booking systems in their offices and clinics/hospitals, the solution provided and integrated appointment management system by integrating the existing booking systems.
  • Private and secure storage for customers:
    The block chain based private storage allows customers to control the access to the consultants for a specific period of time and after that they can revoke the access to those documents and can maintain in the personal space.

The multi lingual solution supported web and mobile app interface for customers to select and book appointments with their preferred consultants. The consolidated appointment and conferencing system helped the consultants to manage and arrange their appointments very easily.

  • Single interface and app for customers to interact with their consultants:
    Use the same app and web interface customers were able to book and join the appointments. They could avoid using multiple apps for appointments.
  • Secure and transparent management of documents and records:
    With the help of block chain customer and consultants were able to exchange documents, proposals, medical/health records securely during the contract engagement.
  • Transparent and single with window for invoicing and payments:
    With the transparent pricing model and consolidated payment solution, customers were able to make the payment easily.
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