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On-demand logistics platform allows business users to connect with truck owners, movers and logistics companies request and receive quotes in real time.

The platform reduces the efforts and time required to identify the best quotes and selection of verified logistics companies for any business user. Logistics and truck owners can receive requests for quotes online and submit their bids using the mobile platform. The requestor can verify the quotes received and make the selection quickly.


The biggest challenge faced by the road transport sector was that industry was not utilizing technology properly. Still the request and selection of transport provider is mostly done manually, and which meant that the business user took a long time to note down the quotes and then to be analyze and select the best available service provider for their transportation requirements.  The proposed solution addressed three critical issues for the industry:

  • Lack of an online marketplace for the business users and transport providers:
    The road transport sector was lacking an online marketplace whether business can easily request and select transport providers. The existing process were very cumbersome. The business users had to depend on manual calls or depend agents to get quotes from transportation providers.
  • Slow response from transport operators:
    The response time to receive quotes from transport providers was more due many operational issues and lack resources at transportation operators. In some cases owners themselves may be drivers as well and during the trip they may not be able to provide response for rate requests.
  • Lack of status reporting and tracking of shipment:
    There were no open status reporting and tracking facility available for the business users to track their consignments. This same issue faced by the transportation providers also to consolidate the tracking and reporting of their vehicles in a single platform.


The solution implemented based on the extensive market research and solution requested by the operators in this field. The solution included a robust cloud platform to support growing demand of users and distributed business requirements from the operators.  The users are equipped with mobile solutions as well web based interfaces to manage their day to day operations. The multi lingual feature supported operators to manage the multi location staff distributed amount multiple countries.

The mobility platform supported the business owners to track the shipment in real time and the transportation companies were able to monitor their vehicles and staff for smooth operations.


The overall selection process of transport operators became more transparent and the process time reduced from multiple days to less than a day. The business users were able to receive multiple competitive quotes from verified service providers.

The operators were able to track, assign and monitor their fleet of vehicle and staff on real time. The safety of vehicles and the staff were also improved with continuous monitoring and inspection of each assignments.

By the numbers, the effort:

  • Reduced lead time by 60%
  • Improved the operating efficiency by 40%
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