Advisor - Legal & Company AffairsAdvisor - Legal & Company Affairs

areas of expertise
  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Offshore legal framework
  • Growth strategy
  • M&A transaction support
  • LLM, Commercial Law, University of Glasgow
  • LLB,  Bachelor in Law, University of Bangalore
  • Diploma in International Offshore Management, Swiss Academy

With over 15 years of professional experience, this lawyer has built a strong foundation in the legal field. They have worked both as an independent advocate and as an in-house lawyer, gaining valuable insights and honing their expertise in various legal domains.

Their educational background includes a postgraduate degree in Commercial Law from the University of Glasgow, further enhancing their knowledge in this specialized area. They also hold a Law degree from M. S. Ramaiah College of Law, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the legal principles and practices.

Combining their practical experience and academic qualifications, this lawyer brings a well-rounded perspective to their work. Their extensive experience, coupled with their dedication to providing high-quality legal services, makes them a trusted professional in their field.

Sanil brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the legal field, having held key positions in reputable organizations and also through individual practice. As a Senior Legal Advisor at RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA) and Legal Advisor at Saraya Development Group, Sanil has gained valuable insights into various areas of law.

Sanil’s practice primarily focuses on corporate laws, construction laws, real estate and land laws, administrative law, consumer matters, and employment and labor law. This diverse range of expertise enables Sanil to provide comprehensive legal solutions to clients across different sectors.

Throughout their career, Sanil has represented clients in various industries, including information technology and services, tourism and hospitality, power projects, education, and construction. This broad exposure has deepened their understanding of the legal landscape in these sectors and allows them to offer tailored and effective representation.

In addition to their representation work, Sanil has extensive experience in drafting and vetting legal documentation. This includes scrutinizing and examining title search reports for immovable property, providing legal opinions on title and ownership matters, and handling TMT (technology, media, and telecommunications) documentations. Their meticulous approach ensures that all legal documentation is accurate, compliant, and serves the best interests of their clients.

Furthermore, Sanil’s commitment to ongoing research in the legal field enables them to stay updated on the latest developments and regulations. This dedication enhances their ability to provide informed and strategic legal advice.

With their diverse background, extensive experience, and strong attention to detail, Sanil is well-equipped to assist clients with their legal needs and offer valuable insights for their specific circumstances.

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