Sanil ThomasAdvisor - Legal & Company affairs

areas of expertise
  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Offshore legal framework
  • Growth strategy
  • M&A transaction support
  • LLM, Commercial Law, University of Glasgow
  • LLB,  Bachelor in Law, University of Bangalore
  • Diploma in International Offshore Management, Swiss Academy

A lawyer with extensive experience of over 12 years working as both independent advocate and in-house lawyer for corporate affairs. Specialized in commercial law, corporate law, offshore legal framework and  M&A transaction support.

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Sanil Thomas, as a seasoned advisor in corporate law, brings a wealth of expertise in navigating the intricate realms of legal compliance and corporate governance. With a robust background in commercial law, Sanil provides strategic guidance on a wide array of legal matters, including mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, contract negotiations, and dispute resolution. His insightful counsel ensures that businesses not only meet regulatory requirements but also align their operational practices with long-term strategic goals, thereby mitigating risks and enhancing growth prospects. Sanil’s commitment to staying updated with the latest legal developments and industry trends empowers organizations to make well-informed decisions, driving sustainable success and maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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