Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce helps enterprises in the fast changing world of shopping. The pace of change has increased exponentially over the last few years and digital commerce is transforming the B2C and B2B commerce landscape. Enterprises should equip themselves to tap into this growth market. COVID-19 pushed e-commerce into a hyper-acceleration mode.

The technology platform is a critical element in realizing the digital commerce vision. The platform should provide the right mix of technical capabilities to cater to the evolving business requirements such as functionality, scalability, integration with internal ERP / legacy systems, integration with third party plug-ins, customization, modularity, and so on. A host of commercial and open source products are available in the market that automakers need to evaluate to arrive at an optimal technology stack.

A digital/omnichannel strategy is a must for retailers. We create customer-focused transformation strategies that fit our clients’ organizations, with roadmaps that deliver benefits all along the way and allow ample opportunities to learn from customer experiences. Transforming from an e-commerce to an omni-channel commerce player is a complex, rapid and continuous process.

“Always deliver more than expected” – Larry Page

The Benefits of Digital Commerce

While there are many reasons to start an ecommerce business, there are some amazing benefits you can expect once you get your business off the ground:

  • Convenience – Ecommerce provides the best in convenience and accessibility.
  • Borderless Transactions – An ecommerce website, allows your business to reach more customers, globally maximizing your selling potential.
  • Scalability – Sale date allows the store owners to predict future sales and scale the platform accordingly.
  • Personalized Experiences – With the power of AI, online stores can create personalized shopping experience for their customers. AI enabled up-selling and cross-selling strategies, can help the store owners to present customers with products they’re most likely to be interested in, and increasing the sales.
  • Access to Innovative Technology – With digital commerce, a wide range of apps and integrations can help store owners to market their products, improve team collaboration, and provide faster customer service.
  • Affordable and Effective Marketing – Store owners will have a range of affordable marketing channels to drive customers towards the e-commerce business. Search engine marketing, organic and paid social media ads, and email marketing allow everyone to reach a segmented market for a lower cost.
Supporting Services

We offer end-to-end Digital Commerce services which transform the way our clients engage and transact with their customers in today’s multi-channel landscape. Infosys has invested in solution accelerators, frameworks and tools that work in concert to help optimize the quality of performance and synergy across the various stages of a Digital Commerce transformation program.

A digital/omnichannel strategy is a must for retailers in the current competitive world. Our customer oriented transformation strategies fit our clients’ organizations, and provide roadmaps that deliver benefits all along the way and allow ample opportunities to learn from customer experiences.

Retailers increasingly rely on digital channels to hit growth targets, but outdated platforms are a liability when it comes to supporting multiple destinations such as microsites and international commerce. We partner with retailers to evaluate their technology options and implement the right tools, business processes and organizational changes to enable their digital commerce vision.

Many retailers have developed into mature e-tailers focused on refining their offerings. Cognizant’s product management experts can help retailers achieve greater growth by identifying opportunities to optimize customer experiences and e‑commerce operations.

International e-commerce enables retailers to drive incremental sales and test new markets with relatively little capital investment. Our team partners with retailers to build global commerce capabilities that are localized to meet the needs of the markets served.

The sooner retailers get new capabilities to market, the sooner they can measure impact and make refinements. Our agile delivery methodology brings together business, creative and delivery teams to create top retail experiences.

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